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ELDARScript started as a simple dice rolling specifier for The Dicenomicon (e.g. 3d6) and has evolved over the years to support a much richer environment for role playing mechanics. It takes inspiration from the language Fortress (especially with the use of full unicode operators) and NewtonScript (used to power the Apple Newton). It is not designed to be a general purpose language, but one tailored to rolling dice (and then figuring out what the results mean).

This document describes version 2.0 of the language, which is implemented in “The Dicenomicon +1” (aka “dN+1”). Previous versions of The Dicenomicon have slightly different support - primarily in terms of a few missing features (e.g., rational values) as well as bug fixes and minor inconsistencies that have been resolved.

ELDARScript is a dynamically typed language - what kind of data is being manipulated (numeric values, textual strings, etc…) is determined entirely at run time. It is also case insensitive - you can use upper or lower case and it doesn’t matter.

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